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Got a new pet rat called Kilo

I’d like to do something new today

*Adopting an Albino Ferret* AHH

If all else fails… game of thrones

Diary Entry-June 12

I’m moving to a new house tomorrow with my boyfriend and 3 others, it’s been quite a hectic month trying to find a job that’s not wasting valuable time is very difficult.

I don’t want to work in a job I’m not happy in. I don’t care if that means busking till all hours to get cash so be it.

I got an interview for Unicef which went great beside the fact that I’m a shit sales person, they didn’t call me back.

Then I got a on the spot interview in the Leprechaun museum, how cliche of me being Irish. After that came a second interview were he basically just chatted to me, and on the second interview the manager asked me to tell him a story for my final interview, I had three days.

Naturally I procrastinated learning a story till the last day but I did watch allot of documentary’s on how to be a good story teller.

I told a story about a man who save souls from a drunken mermaid (The Soul Cages) which was both strange and funny, he took me to a room with a croc of gold in the centre and strange wooden pannels swirling around the room.

A sense of peace came over me and I told the story even better than I wrote.

the managers reaction was ”I’ll call you monday, and thanks for not being shit” 

I may have gotten the job.

The plot twist is when I got home Unicef phoned and told me I had a great personality and wanted to give me another chance.

So…. two questionable jobs

After all that searching I may just have found my fun choice! Woo wooo


ATTENTION FANS OF HARDCORE/POP PUNK/EMO IN DUBLIN. I’d really appreciate a reblog here, even if you couldn’t give a fuck about local shows. 

I never really go on Tumblr, but I felt it would be best to write on this considering a Facebook post would go to waste and at least I can share this link. 

There is a local emo/pop punk/hardcore scene in Dublin. These are some upcoming local shows over summer. There couldn’t be a better time to start going to shows with all these new bands and all ages shows, considering they pretty much all used to be 18+. I’ve seen a lot of people at Demented shows like Gnarwolves and The Wonder Years and stuff and really enjoy the local supports and generally like that music. Instead of going to a show every two months just come to local shows with local bands twice a month or however often they are. Dublin has some of the most honest and talented bands out of anywhere in my opinion, they just don’t have the crowds to jam along to them. I know a lot of you are into Moose Blood and Tigers Jaw and The Wonder Years and Stick To Your Guns and shit, and Dublin has bands that sound like/if not better than those bands. 

We’ve got a smallish scene at the moment, and it’s been going for years with people coming and going and having its ups and downs but its seriously the best thing to happen to my life. I’ve made the best friends from local shows and met the coolest people and done the coolest shit with them and every show, no matter what the turnout, I always have fun. I don’t wanna sound really lame saying shit like this but it is like a small community almost, nearly everyone is friends and everyone mostly knows everyone. Everyone is really welcoming and lovely that you’d be hard pressed not to have made friends after 1 or 2 shows. 

I’d love to see some more people going to shows and listening to bands from Dublin and Ireland in general and actually make it a scene people will talk about. gonna leave a few bands for you to listen to and see if you like, but you probably will. $see you in de pit$$

Starters (Pop punk that has all sorts of different influences like emo/math rock riffy shit. Deffo an original sounding pop punk band. New full length out soon) http://starters.bandcamp.com/album/changing-tides-2

The Winter Passing (Not really from Dublin, try Tipperary, but they’re as much a part of the scene as anyone. Emo stuff like Tigers Jaw, Moose Blood and Adventures. They’ve also got hints of Folk here and there which is done really well. One of the best bands out right now. Full Length coming soon) http://thewinterpassingsongs.bandcamp.com/

Frustration (This one is for the hardcore lads. The heaviest riffs around, making people punch their mates since they started and the best hardcore band in Europe. defiently don’t miss these at a show, they fucking kill it) http://frustration.bandcamp.com/

King Assist (You can tell the lads like The Front Bottoms, but they deffo arent a TFB rip. They have a sound thats fun at one minute and make you wanna cry the next. Definetly a band you can sit down and have a cup of tea to) http://kingassist.bandcamp.com/

Over Being Under (little shameless plug here, whatever I don’t care. If you like Pianos Become the teeth, Balance & Composure or citizen you might like us) http://overbeingunderdublin.bandcamp.com/

Milestones (almost melodic, but very emotional hardcore. With some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard and riffs to last for days these are by far one of my favorite bands. You’ll defiently like this band) http://milestonesdublin.bandcamp.com/

All It’s Worth (This band is the catchiest pop punk band. They have about 50 songs and all of them are so sweet. Their new stuff sounds so next level you’ll want to finger point the shit out every set they play. ) http://allitsworth.bandcamp.com/

Hollow Truth (This band are a mix of the bands you’re metal head da listens to, and what you’re hardcore self listens to. Just serious riffs all round and great sing along bits, they kill it every show I’ve seen, you have to check them out at least once. new record soon.) http://hollowtruthhc.bandcamp.com/

They were just a few, Dublin has a fucking ton of great bands. just join Irish Pop Punk


or Irish Hardcore 


to find out about all the upcoming shows and check out all the bands and shit. 

This has been a lot of writing, better not be for nothing. Come to just one show, test the waters and see if you like it. if you don’t, thats fine, but if you do make sure to support the scene and the bands. 

I’d appreciate a reblog, just to get this out there. 

Thanks xoxo

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